5 Reasons to Study Abroad in the UK

It is all too easy to stay in your comfort zone when it comes to choosing where to study. Whilst there are obviously a lot of benefits to staying in your home country to study (whether that’s the US or elsewhere), college can offer a unique chance to move abroad for a short time.

When else will you get the chance to experience life in another country where you’re given as much help settling in as you are at college? From the moment you decide to study abroad, you will have people from the country your moving to helping you arrange accommodation, travel and even a part-time job.

You obviously have a huge range of options when choosing a country to study in. However, personally, I think there is no better choice for US students than the UK. And here are five reasons why:

1) World Class Universities

Let me throw some stats at you. According to a recent world university rankings table, three of the top ten, and 31 of the top 200 universities in the world are in the UK. Such quality and depth of institutions is second only to the US and way ahead of any other country.

With globally known universities such as the Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College, as well as dozens of other world-class institutions, you can guarantee you’ll get a good education at a British university.

2) You’ll be in Good Company

The UK is one of the most popular destinations in the world for international students. There are an amazing 330,000 students from abroad studying in Britain- making up over 15% of the total student population.  

Whilst this may not immediately seem like an obvious benefit, it really is. Universities that already have thousands of overseas students enrolled, will be well equipped to deal with any of the little problems you may face during your time abroad. They’ll also have far more experience in helping advise new students on everything from visas to accommodation.  

3) Experiencing London

The majority of international students in the UK decide to study in London. Chances are you’ll never get a better opportunity to live in one of the greatest cities in the world. The city is a melting pot of cultures, races, nationalities and traditions, so as an international student you’ll feel right at home. If you find yourself pining for the food from home, no problem, simply find an authentic US diner.

What’s more London is ideal for student life with its endless range of pubs, bars and clubs to spend your evenings in and a huge list of free art galleries and museums to fill your days.  

4) The Language

It may be blindingly obvious, but the fact that there is no language barrier is a big plus for many people. Moving to a new country on your own is a daunting prospect and not knowing the language can make it ten times harder. The fact that any US student can move to the UK to study without having to first learn a new language just makes everything much easier.   

5) Looks Good on Your Resume

Employers are always looking for that extra little something on your CV. Being able to boast that you have studied abroad is perfect for this. It shows that you have experienced another culture and that you were willing to take that step into the unknown. You never know, it may just be that little thing that puts you ahead of the other candidates and gets you the job of your dreams after you graduate.

Hopefully this has slightly aroused your interest in the UK as an option for study. You may ultimately decide to stay in America, or maybe even choose another country, but the important thing is to at least consider all your options. 

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