Why You Need a Degree to Become a Massage Therapist

Although you can work as a massage therapist without a degree, going to school will provide you with a better opportunity to build a real career. The experience you gain as you pursue your degree will make you a better massage therapist, and you will be more flexible in the kinds of massage therapy you can offer. Most degree programs are taught by instructors who have worked in the field, which means that you will be able to create relationships that could help you establish your own practice once you graduate. The benefits of earning a degree far outweigh the time it takes to finish school.

Deeper Understanding of Fundamental Techniques

Even the most talented massage therapists can improve their skills by studying the basic fundamentals of massage therapy. Degree programs at PT schools include extensive studies of anatomy and physiology so that you can approach almost any problem with a solid understanding of how the muscles, joints, and tendons work in each area of the body. You will also learn about the business side of massage therapy so that you will be prepared to strike out on your own if you don't plan to work for someone else.

A Wider Range of Opportunity

Massage therapy is used in several different ways. As you earn your degree, you will learn about all of the career opportunities available to you after graduation. You could work in a salon or spa helping people relax. You might find that you enjoy working with athletes on sports teams. Massage therapy is also used extensively by physical therapists and other medical professionals as ways to help their patients heal more quickly. A good massage therapy school will introduce you to the large number of opportunities available to someone who holds a degree, and you will have a chance to learn the basics so that you could work anywhere you choose.

Credibility Increases Client Trust

When you hold a degree, you have tangible proof that you know what you're doing. Potential clients or patients will feel more comfortable about seeing you if they know that you have been through an accredited massage therapy program. That comfort level will help your clients relax so that the massage work you do will be more effective. Your degree can also be a good selling point when you are advertising for new clients. Your education makes your services more valuable, as well, which will allow you to earn more money for the massage work that you do.
Some States Require Licensure

Several states require massage therapists to pass certification or licensure exams before they can begin working with the public. Each state qualification is different, and usually the qualification you earn in one state does not transfer to another state. When you choose your massage therapist program, make sure it is with a school that is located in the area where you plan to work. That school will provide you with detailed information about the certification you will need in your state. The massage therapy school will also prepare you for the specific exams you will have to pass in order to earn your local certification.

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