What to Do If You Fall In Love With Your Teacher

Are you in love with your teacher and you do not know how to actually behave? Follow these tips and learn how to act around him or her. 

You will need:

  • Discipline
  • Cordiality
  • Chivalry
  • Active Participation

To begin

Understand that demonstrating the love you have for your teacher is something that can bring problems. Overall, it is a fact that is not socially frowned upon and in doing so you risk being in everybody's mouth.


When she is dictating the class it is imperative to have good discipline. You must behave properly! In this way she will have a good concept and you'll earn points as a student and surely, you have sympathy for that.

When your teacher needs a favor or an errand, do it and offer to show your warmth. Raise your level of oral participation in class, either to show your skills or to help maintain order among your colleagues asking them to be silent when she speaks.

Do not forget

Always be willing to help. 

Bring out your gentleness with small everyday gestures. Open the door or run her chair to sit. You can accompany her to her car every day so she knows you best and see you're a real grown up person and not a little kid.


The relationship between students and teachers is supposed to be based on a set of rules whose meaning is respected and understood by both parties. But, in the age at which the body develops, the teen is going through a delicate period in which you experience the need to feel that he is someone, not just those closest to him. Teachers often assume the role of these other people. 


At the time that students seek their identity it is important that teachers are among a teacher you have more affinity with the rest. This can manifest in any teacher or tutor. This relationship becomes the student, troubled or not, who probably will want to please the teacher getting good grades in the subjects taught. 

Teacher Love 

The student falling for a teacher is somehow a very classic pattern. A smile, attention or a good grade is enough for the student to imagine an affair with one of the teachers. In the case of the adults, preferring the student in question can be situations of real danger. Your attitude should be impeccable and exemplary. 


The first difficulties in the student behavior usually appear during college. For a teenager it is almost vital to confront the adults and teachers, representing the authority; they become the ideal target to be pursued, especially those without an exaggerated way of power over students. In addition, adolescence in love may express aggressive attitudes. The period, in which the student interacts in a group, feels the need to be recognized by their peers and does not care if that entails having to be insolent or having to do crazy things. 

Have you ever loved your teacher? Are you willing to forget about your loved one just because you know it is not right? Share your own experiences to debate today! 

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