How to Study for a Midterm Effectively

As a saying goes "Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today." Studying in advance will always bring benefits. It is about organizing yourself properly. You don’t want to feel anxious, right? This trend of leaving for tomorrow what could be done before is usually expressed in many fields. When it comes to procrastinating an exam preparation, this can be terrible! 

Homework, shopping, bills ... I'll simply do it tomorrow. Who has not left something for later, something that could have been done way before? This is all about a procrastination issue. Below are some tips to fully understand and change this harmful trend. 

The causes of this bad habit 

If you want to get good grades, consider making smart choices. If you lack of responsibility you should analyze everything deeply. Contrary to popular belief, procrastination is at times accompanied by guilt and paralysis to act. Truth is, this is rarely linked to laziness. As previously mentioned, studying the night before can only lead to anxiety. 

Fear of failure

Ccertain decisions, projects or even missions, you may feel somehow incompetent and not ready to receive criticism. For this reason, you implement the worst technique and in the end, you do not face what you must! 

The need for perfection

You want everything to be perfect. Maybe you didn’t have the proper location to study, odds are, you were facing an issue with your lover, etc. This extreme desire for absolute success and pretty much unattainable goals can inhibit the perfectionist in you. 

Fear of success

This is linked to the so called fear of emptiness. It is about failure to do anything to somehow delay this deadline. 

Sense of urgency

However, this habit is not so dramatic. Some students can only work under the influence of anxiety and stress. They somehow create a sense of urgency and even find it totally stimulating. It is like an adrenaline related state of emergency. 

Tips to Act right away! 

Having confidence

It's easier to say it than to feel it! Procrastination is often linked to a huge lack of self-esteem and an underestimation of competence. In these cases it is important to learn to work on yourself, maybe alone or with the help of a therapist. You will soon focus your energy to your homework and you will get to work! 

Manage time better

The clock is your worst enemy! To keep the minutes and days from flying, learn how to properly organize your life. Make a list of things you need and want to do, but try to draw reasonable goals. It is always best to start with 3 or 4 things to do during the day than with and endless list of objectives to meet. You can study at least 1 hour per day, especially if you start in advance. Not to mention the pleasure you will feel once all the tasks are performed! 


Imagine for a few seconds the feeling of comfort you will actually experience once you finish homework and the many chapters that you needed.  It is about time to get better! Start studying in advance. If you begin earlier, 4 hours per week will do! 

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