Do I Need an MBA?

Do I need an MBA? Many students wonder whether a university diploma is enough or not. Truth is, studying is imperative. However, you need to focus and draw a plan. You cannot expect to climb to the top automatically. Our society is moving at a very fast speed, hence the need to learn new strategies, hints, tips, etc. Competition is increasing and unless you can deal with new media matters and so on, you may be left behind. No need to panic! A lot can be done to remain competitive. Keep reading to learn more. 

This is a classic question that many will make again and again from the moment they’ve decided to study an MBA. This may arise in different scenarios: an interview with potential sponsors, filling funding applications, even writing essays for scholarships, filling in front of their computer for college application forms and/or research not to mention meetings with teachers requesting a letter of recommendation. Some even wonder about such thing at family gatherings or when spending time with friends and classmates. However, being a question that is expected to be answered properly does not make it easier to answer. Their response is usually influenced by many diverse aspects: 

  • Personal
  • Economic situation
  • Professional
  • Family
  • Cultural
  • & more. 

Clear your mind

But do you really have a clear idea of what you want? Well, yes, what you want is to go for an MBA program, don’t you? If you like travelling, you can study an MBA abroad, and you may go for a program for 6 months in a different place, therefore, different culture, away from your family and friends, etc. You will be able to meet different people who are in the same situation, some finishing their program and others, just beginning. You will soon probably realize that it is not hard to deal with times when you will be missing your home, your people (and even things like food and a random rainy or sunny day!) 

Keep in mind

Remember that it is also very easy to get carried away by the thrill of being in a different place, meeting people with different cultures, customs and ways of thinking, and forgetting why you are where you are. If you decide to study abroad, you need to remain focused. Getting to know other people's experiences will show you how important it is to always be very clear and present the reasons why you start a project like this. Never forget that the results will always depend on your own effort. 

For instance, studying an MBA will help you deal with the competitive industry. You can get more benefits than you can imagine. Plus, it is not only a question in a questionnaire; it is the main foundation of success. 

Focus and establish your priorities

You may find times when you will have to work a little more, you will come across with new challenges and odds are, you will constantly need to be working on improving your skills. The knowledge to be acquired will last for a lifetime. The above is absolutely possible to do, especially if you are living your dream and if you have very clear and strong reasons for doing it! The best part is, you can even enjoy the process! 

How important it is to take time and reflect on your reasons for studying an MBA program? What do you think about the motivation that you need along the way?

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