Top 10 Cause and Effect Essay Topics

A good essay is just like a beautiful paint. You cannot really mix and match randomly; there must be a sense of proportion and many other aspects. For instance, the harmony resulting from this mixture is pretty much the main key of any good writer. It is not about floating ideas. Each thought must be combined to achieve harmony. Moreover, by selecting the best topic, you will be able to deliver a delightful, paper. More than an illusion, a real outcome!

Enough said, you know that a cause an effect essay is supposed to be written for the reader, it does link the need of illusion, discovery and hope the writer may have. Anyone can then change according to his/her own perception. How about writing about one of the top 10 cause and effect essay topics?

  1. Write about Influencing modifications to Medicare/Medicaid.
  2. Discuss the effect of SSRIs focusing on teenagers.
  3. The passage of a health program that may end up resulting in heavy burdens directly on physicians.
  4. Write about main reasons of heavy dropout rate in college.
  5. What are the causes and effect of the computer revolution?
  6. Discuss and expose the many effects of noise pollution.
  7. Explain all the causes linked to some hairstyle fad and clothing style.
  8. Write about the automobile effect considering the American society.
  9. Write about reading interventions & the sustained effects.
  10. Expose the effects that may be attributed to the El Niño phenomena.  

Main essence

You can always write a fun and interesting essay. Cause an effect is always an interesting matter and much more if you work on it with dedication. Remember that a good essay is not to lose the sense of proportion, you cannot simply allow convoluted terms of any kind of ideas and you cannot mix metaphors. The main risk is that the reader will not understand and the worst scenario, he or she may stop reading your essay. You don’t want to confuse anyone so keep it simple!

If we compare it with art, you need to display a good combination and select shadows properly. So, verbs, metaphors, codes, etc. must be chosen carefully. You can certainly write a fantastic paper, especially if you select a topic that appears interesting and profound. By simple we don’t mean you cannot explore, it is about transmitting the idea in a clear manner. You can still use rich vocabulary. Organize your ideas and get prepared to surprise everyone! Your teacher will be happy with your choice. That is for sure! Don’t fall for traditional topics that may be boring - if you opt for basic themes, you will feel dissatisfied. Studies show that students usually ask for help since they feel annoyed and overwhelmed. You don’t want to be part of this category, right?

Do you think that writing can improve your overall college performance? Are you willing to invest time looking for topics? Do you find the above cause and effect essay topics appealing? Are you open to new writing techniques?

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