How to Find a Job in College

The school year is approaching. Are you one of the students who worries only what new clothes to wear, what latest gadgets to have, in which dormitory to stay, or how much the new allowance is? Or are you the one who is very much apprehensive and frightened over the fact that it is already coming because you just don’t have anything?  No new clothes, no latest gadgets, can’t stay in the dormitory situated near the university and not enough allowance?  But then, let’s not discount the truth that there are some students who work just to earn extra - for shopping and for luxuries, for instance. Regardless of the reason, students may feel and see the extreme need for a part time job.

And not everybody is fortunate enough to have all the means and money for paying the tuition and other miscellaneous fees in school, or even some funds to attend to their lavishness. Thus, the only way for some students to survive any of these is through working for it.  

Furthermore, because you do not have your diploma yet, you could only expect to be hired on the jobs that are not so high paying. You can be a restaurant or food chain crew member, cashier, sales clerk, lawn mower, secretary, and a bag boy/girl, or gasoline personnel.

So, how will you apply for a job?  How will you endure the fact that you are still not that marketable?  How will you be able to stand out and compete with those who are already graduates?

Looking for a job is not that easy.  More people are becoming unemployed with the decline in the economy or with further number of students graduating.  So, now, the question is merely - how will you find a job when you are still in college?

1. You must know what your availability and salary rate are. Be prepared when asked how much time can you render and the minimum salary you will need.  

2. Write a good resume. Though, you may have not worked previously, you must highlight your skills and abilities in it.    

3. You can ask the managers of the near stores for the possible job openings.  

4. Inquire in the student center for the list of part time jobs or available paid internships.

And above all, always carry with you positivity, notwithstanding your lack of skills - You can make it!

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