6 Tips For Nailing a Job Interview

If you have a big job interview coming up, there are certain things you should never neglect to have ready. Here are six easy things you can do to have a successful job interview and ensure that the employer will be calling you back for more.

1. Make Sure Your Resume is in Tip-Top Shape

Print out several copies (not one!) at least an entire day before the interview. Keep them in a binder to avoid wrinkling. Is there any kind of portfolio you need to prepare? Do you need to bring samples of your work? These documents should all be neatly organized well before your interview to avoid last minute alterations. 

2. Do Your Research on the Company to Which You’re Applying 

If you want your interviewer to take you seriously, you need to know the company inside and out. This includes things like their:

A) core values

B) mission statement

C) top executives

D) competitors

It’s humiliating being asked a question about the company you’re trying to obtain a job with and not knowing the answer—especially if it was provided right on their website. Be prepared!

3. If You’re Not Early, You’re Late

Start your interview off on the right foot by arriving around 15 minutes earlier. It shows respect when you’re not racing through their doors at the last minute. This obviously means that you need to leave the house early, but it’s all for a good reason. You need to allow yourself extra time in case you forgot to fill up you gas tank, there’s traffic, or you get lost. (If you want to be even safer, give yourself an extra half hour.)

4. Know the Most Common Interview Questions, and Have Answers Ready

This is something that you can easily research online.  One of the most common questions is, “Why are you qualified for this position?” Do you have an impressive answer ready? Be ready to tell them about your amazing education, that killer internship you held one summer, your college extracurricular activities, and how dedicated and hardworking of an employee you are. Have reliable references as well.

5. Show Respect for the Employer by Having a Polished Appearance

Remember: It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Have your outfit prepared days in advance and keep it in a clean, dry place, preferably covered. If you don’t own a nice outfit, it’s more than worth it to invest in one nice “interview outfit” that’ll last. When you land your dream job, you’ll make that money back in no time.  

6. Body Language Matters!

When you’re interviewing, you want to exude confidence, determination, and motivation. Start with a strong handshake.  Sit up straight, tall, and, proud. Offer a promising smile and maintain eye contact. A wavering gaze only gives an employer the impression that you’re unsure of yourself. And remember to speak slowly, clearly, and with strength!

It takes time, energy, and sometimes a little money to get ready for a great interview, but it’s worth every bit of it. Good luck!

Wendy Hacker writes for education blogs where you can learn more about the mba program rankings.

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