6 Tips for Recent Grads

Graduating with a degree was always seen as a key to securing yourself a job. However, in this economic climate it is all about promoting yourself and standing out from the hundreds of competitors you’re up against. However the search for graduate jobs needn’t be daunting if you spend time preparing for it. Follow our top tips for recent graduates to help kick start your job hunt.

Perfect your CV

Make sure your CV is up to scratch. There is a lot of help and advice out there to get you started from workshops, guidance from your careers office and online websites where you can also get CV templates. Always remember to adapt each CV to the role you are applying for, using the job description to highlight your key skills and qualifications which they are looking for.

Use the resources available

There are hundreds of resources available to search for job opportunities. Don’t forget to cover all the main sources such as graduate and general job sites, university careers service, newspapers, job agencies and job fairs. Also avoid just looking for permanent jobs, be more flexible and consider doing an internship or graduate placement as all you need is a foot through the door.

Do your research

Think about what industry you wish to work in and research everything about it. Find out what companies are in the sector, the type of jobs that are available, starting salaries and career progression routes you could potentially take. The more knowledgeable you are about the industry the more interested and passionate you will come across in interviews.
Use Social Media

More and more people are being offered jobs after simply tweeting and connecting with employers online. Increase your presence online by using social media sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn to find job vacancies and connect with employers. This not only helps you find job opportunities but also can increase your knowledge of the industry you wish to work in. Remember to make sure the content on your profile is appropriate and professional.


Networking can help dramatically reduced the time you spend looking for vacancies and sending out your CV. It’s highly advised for job seekers to contact their friends and family as they are the most likely to go out of their way to help you seek new opportunities or speak to contacts they may have. Also speaking to lecturers, old employers or colleagues can be also a good starting point to help kick start your career.

Don’t give up

Remember to stay positive as the recruitment process will be tough and you will need to put a lot of effort in but your motivation will be the key to your success at gaining the job you want.

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No More Jobs, What To Do After Graduation?

Finishing a career is not easy. Many questions arise, and most of them do not have quick answers, situations that you may not know how to handle and new goals to accomplish. It also means the culmination of an era of school, sitting on a bench taking classes, staying up late, studying, and so on. The highlight of this event is the prom. For some it is too cheesy for others, it is definitely the perfect occasion to share the accomplishment with their family, the time to prepare for a new life.

For many, graduating is the reward of many sleepless nights and days of frustration. You see your parents happy with your effort, but above all to feel proud of what you can achieve. Many individuals claim that it is all about celebrating this moment. They feel it is important because it is just another meaningful stage in your life, you will not see your friends from school every day, and many things will change. It is as if you practically scream 'I am an adult', you leave the bag and or backpack to start using a portfolio. You will definitely enjoy your new stage.

And after graduation

After the festivities are over, all the unanswered questions come alive. Now what? What is next? Then the options are out there, it is important to focus on seeking for work, finish the thesis, and complete pending matters, among others. Truth is, after the end of that cycle, what follows is looking for work, doing an MBA and or doctorate. It is pretty much time to give to work, the holidays are over now, it's not like asking for money to your parents is something that many take for granted. The fact is that ending a cycle of life is something that remains. Completing a career is a significant moment, because since individuals started going to school, many years pass. Let’s face it, many years go by and it is about efforts, dedication, sleepless nights and stress.

For parents, this is one of the greatest gifts they can receive! They made a great effort to bring you to the goal. Make sure you draw a plan. It is important to organize yourself properly. In addition, consider the following:

  • Ask for guidance.
  • Make a list to enhance what you like and to work on your flaws.
  • Remove your doubts about work positions procedures.
  • Master the art of body language to have a good presence.
  • Do not limit yourself.
  • Start Networking.


Avoid comparing yourself to your friend, neighbour, partner, etc. We are all different! Try to determine your goal and go for it. Being persistent will lead you to the top. The satisfaction of receiving a diploma is priceless. Yet, do not forget to live today. Yesterday is gone and it is time to work on your current destination.

Are you currently employed? Are you looking forward to getting a job  or, you do not care at all?

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What is the Best Graduation Present for a Student?

You have been troubled almost every day by your commitments to school, wild awake for nights, studying at a holy hour when half of the world is comfortably sleeping, pissed off by your strict and inconsiderate professors, and what else? Name it! There are just innumerous things to cite, and yet the most unforgettable experiences in school life are those that have made you become an equipped person. Prove once more the old cliche “No pain, no gain,” as you proudly reap the fruits of your labor.

The day that everyone has been looking forward to finally arrived. It’s Graduation Day! And do you know what makes it more exciting for the anticipative students? You got it, don’t change the first idea that popped out in your mind; it’s the presents! It’s not just about the outfit you would want to wear on this grand day nor the gathering of your dear loved ones that brings you eagerness. Let’s not be hippocrites and accept the reality that whenever graduation is approaching, majority of students become preoccupied with favors which they want to be entitled with as they ask it from their parents, or from whoever is capable of providing their caprices. Face it, it’s a normal and expected nature of man - to be compensated for a job well done.

For a while, set aside the ‘wants’ you desire; perhaps, try to forget about the latest gadgets you want to buy, the out-of-town or out-of-the-country vacation reservations, and the exclusive treat at a fancy restaurant. Instead, ponder about the gifts laid readily before your naked eyes, even without you asking for them. Instantly, you could just simply prepare for the big day, and seize the one-time glorious event. Find the joy and relief of coming to an end and starting a new beginning. It’s a huge pay-off day for every aspiring student! Who wouldn’t want to walk on that stage, claim their diploma as if they have won a major award for performing well in school? Say, for students with honors, it’s a real high time for them to be put into the limelight during graduation; but, Graduation Day is for every deserving student who worked hard to get through to this point. For the sake of fairness and granting the essence of graduation, let everybody enjoy it! The euphoria that one gets by the time his/her name is called and acknowledged as a certified graduate in front of a crowd and in front of the people to whom the achievements are dedicated, that’s the very same time when one receives the best graduation present ever!

Truth be told, the most rewarding things in life do not always come in monetary or material forms. Unfortunately, it takes decades for other people to fully realize it.

Remember: You are always free to have the best presents in life, not only as you celebrate graduation, but also as you live the rest of your life. It’s only a matter of recognition and appreciation. (See, you could already bag two awards without needing much effort.)

Please tell us, what is the best graduation present for you? Have you already got it?

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