To Cheat or Not to Cheat in School

If you are used to cheating when you are still in high school, you must realize that cheating then is a lot more different when you are already in college. Sometimes, cheating during high school is not a big deal. But when you cheat in college, you will damage the university’s credibility and it is worth more than just a suspension from school. That is why most colleges don’t tolerate this kind of act, and expel students who are caught cheating. And now, it’s time to think how cheating in school can affect your whole life and you as a person. 

To Cheat or Not to Cheat?

1. Cheating in school doesn’t only happen during an exam when a student copies the answers of his classmate because his paper is still blank and there are only five minutes left to answer. In fact, submitting a plagiarized essay is another form of cheating.

2. Students usually cheat during an exam not because they are dumb enough to know the answer, but because they don’t have the desire to analyze the questions and the effort to write the answer.

3. Students cheat not because they don’t have the time to study, but because they lack the will to devote their time to studying.

4. When you cheat, it is just the same as you’re proving to your professor that you haven’t learned anything. You will then be marked as “Failed” not only in the specific subject, but for the entire course.

5. Your attention will be called by the disciplinary board and you will be given a disciplinary action such as a one-week suspension, or worse, you will be expelled from the university.

6. Repeated cheating will gradually become a habit. And a negative habit like cheating in school will already be part of the student’s system and will still be practiced even beyond the school, later in his life – whether in his professional career or in his future family.

7. In school, you will lose the trust of your professor. In return, you will lose your own integrity.

8. You will realize the negative effects of cheating later in your life when you  are already looking for a job. Why? Because you will fail every time an employer will call your previous school for a background check.

9. Cheating is just a temptation everyone can resist.

Cheating in school gives you a lifetime consequence. If you cheat in college, don’t expect to get a recommendation for future opportunities such as a scholarship program for a graduate school. And if you think you’re good at hiding and your professors hardly notice you every time you cheat, then you’re wrong. They are, in fact, good at catching. So don’t mess your whole future just because of one false move back in college.  

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