Top 10 Persuasive Essay Topics

Essays are either persuasive argumentative, poetic or critical, have a global structure internally. Thus, its structure is necessary, through an outline or chart that will help us guide its development. The management of these structures will allow us to adequately plan for the management and hierarchical relationships of content. Moreover, you need to properly select the topic. For this reason, we care to share the top 10 persuasive essay topics.

Regarding the semantic structure of content, themes and subthemes within the body to develop theme, we suggest the use of concept maps, categorical maps, heuristics, super structures, to rank the categories or concepts for a guidance, which will be relevant to the thematic development of the essay. The best topic along with this plan of organization is essential to introduce a logic in the composition of the text, which allows to extract relevant concepts and baste with the ideas that they can be secondary, as well as to develop new cognitive associations between concepts. Within the best persuasive essay topics, consider the following essay examples:

  1. Should animals be used for scientific research?
  2. Are prisons required?
  3. Do you believe death penalty is supposed to be mandatory simply for people who actually killed people?
  4. Point of view linked to Russians and Lenin
  5. Facts about Indians, is it better to be naked than in specific furs?
  6. Is it ok for men to have more than one wife?
  7. Are plastic surgeries good: is this just someone’s unhealthy idea or are they good?
  8. Discuss major issues (abortion, sex, Iraq, medical marijuana laws, etc).
  9. Explain why talking about main issues (sex, abortion, Iraq, Vietnam, marijuana, etc) all the time not only lessens their importance, but even evokes irritation.
  10. Discuss the reason why atheists must be the only tolerant religion and other religions cannot tolerate each other.

Keep in mind, the persuasive argumentative essays as opposed to the exhibition should concentrate on defending a particular thesis or hypothesis in order to convince the reader. This requires a precise vocabulary, use of direct references and questions and reflections that generate expectations about the test object. Quotations should also accompany the arguments, without being excessive, which do not produce effects on the reader's disbelief and insecurity author of the text.

The essay as human thought, is an intertextual discourse, where the author's voice is expressed together with other authors. Thus, once you opt for the best topic, remember to emphasize on the freedom which is as a cognitive ability since each man has to break the symbolic order of norms.

You will be able to highlight through subjective features. After you are sure about the topic for your persuasive essay, regarding to style, it should be playful, friendly, fun, agile, attractive, a libertarian and, as far as possible, with a heavy dose of humor sense. You can develop a fantastic essay!

Are you ready to write the most charming persuasive essay? Do you believe you can bring the "dogmatic science" of rigor and formalism? Share your thoughts today.

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