Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

When the end of October comes around, it is all about Halloween, better known as witch’s night.  You can now think outside the box for the most amazing and unique costumes. An original idea will help you enhance your virtues and disguise your flaws.  You may see many people dressed as skeletons, witches, doctors, prisoners, etc, but you can surprise everyone!

Unique Halloween costumes and how to make them

  • The girl in the ring (most are scared of the exorcist):

You will need a white dress, hair ironing to the front and some makeup

  • Some television character:

You will need to use your imagination. Gather items and impress your friends and family members.

  • Mummy (for which an attempt is not very original):

You will need to get bands (experts recommend you get down when you wear clothes bands).

More options

For  women:

Steps are easy; you just need to be precise. Don’t rush onto any conclusion. Ask for help and look for tutorials. Online pictures may help you master your skills:

  1. Get a box beam and make 2 circles for eyes and one for the nose
  2. Make an oval for the mouth
  3. Cut them out. 
  4. With tape make 2 horns and paste them into the box to cover all with half water and half white glue over journal
  5. Make sure you cover all parts except the box waiting to be cut to dry and paint it red. 
  6. Get a red shirt and red pants and ready!
  7. Draw lips as you wish

For men:

If you are a sports fan, you can easily create a fancy football player costume.

You will need:

  • A jersey of your favorite team, this is enough. Yet you can combine it with black socks to the knees and heels.
  • A headband with flowing hair and face painted black stripes

Note: if you get the helmet, the impact is even greater.

Random girl costume

You just need a black shirt stuck, stuck black pants and high boots with pants tucked inside. Get two plastic guns and place them into the pockets. Remember to comb your hair, for instance, you can get a hair braid to the side, you paint your face with two black stripes and red lips, and Behold, Tom Raider (Angelina Jolie).
As you can tell, there are many unique Halloween costume options. You don’t even need to spend much money. If you’ve been struggling to find an already made costume, don’t waste more time. Get pieces and old clothes and impress everyone today! There are many ways to look at your best. This is a special occasion to prove you that imagination can generate amazing things. You can think outside the box. Do not settle for traditional and basic styles. Get cheap items and get going. This can be a lot of fun!

Are you ready to create your own character? Do you enjoy Halloween? Are you willing to work on your next Halloween costume? Share your own comments and thoughts.

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