TOP 10 Controversial Essay Topics

Are you looking to write the best essay ever? You need to select your topic wisely. Note that the universe of controversial essay topics is extensive, making it very difficult to "guess" what will come out on the next essay. For this reason, good practice is about doing research on topics proposed in various sources (books, newspapers, magazines, television, internet, etc.). Read on! 

Do not panic, you certainly do not stand alone on these issues, there are many seeking for the same. Luckily, you will find several options as you do your research, if you find it interesting, you listen to your intuition and include them in your list. For each of them defines your position and practice to build some arguments.

Controversial essay topics tend to be students' research assignments. The below controversial essay topics along with essay examples will certainly help you develop an interesting and unique paper. 

1. Abortion - Visionary perspective and current situation.

2. AIDS reappraisal - Discuss general ideas and important consequences. 

3. Animal experimentation - Consequences, problems and facts.

4. Bioethics - What is going on with biotechnology and investments. 

5. White supremacy - History and real scenarios.

6. Child abuse - Reality and sad facts.

7. Cloning - Details and hidden content. 

8. Death penalty - details and concepts that are important. 

9. Drug Legalization -  Perspective and important facts. 

10. Eating disorders -  How they affect and general consequences, debates, etc.

Unlike other beings, living or inanimate, men can invent and choose partly their way of life. We can choose what we think is fine, what is convenient for us versus what we think is bad or undesirable. And as we invent or choose, we can make mistakes, which is something that the beavers, bees and termites do not usually pass. So it seems prudent to look at what we do and seek to acquire a certain knowledge that allows us to live it right. In that knowing how to live, or lifestyle, is what is called ethics. No need to rush on a specific topic, you need to feel ready to go for it. 

Strategies to develop a controversial synthesis

Once you’ve selected the topic, remember to:

  • Underline everything that is relevant
  • Identify the core controversial concepts.
  • Number the central concepts.
  • Write the main points that apply under each core concept. This way you can summarize a text or several sources.

If you decide to develop a synthesis of two or more sources it is often desirable to develop a table that compares and contrasts core concepts and key points from one author to another. You can get the best out of it. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. You can write the best paper but don’t rush onto choosing the 1st topic that comes your way. The above controversial essay topics are among the top ones to help you unleash your full potential. 

Are you prepared to write a good controversial essay? Do you need inspiration? Have you considered databases with essay examples to get inspired? Share your own perspective today!

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