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Letter "D" » Dianne Feinstein Quotes
«I am concerned by a trend on the court to limit this right and thereby to curtail the autonomy that we have fought for and achieved, in this case, over just simply controlling our own reproductive system rather than having some politicians do it for us,»
«right to be left alone.»
«Simply put, I didn't find the argument that he was just an employee doing just what his bosses wanted [to be] credible.»
«Senator, that is exactly one of the questions before the court, I can't answer that in the abstract.»
«It's got to either be made legal or shut down. What bothers me is the information we're being given that the activity is increasing.»
«The theory is that private sector competition will drive down the cost of drugs, ... That may happen, or it may not happen. We need to watch that, and we will. I feel confident that the leadership will make changes if the cost containment is not kept.»
«I mean, you know, we weren't born yesterday.»
«I thought he should go very public with it, that I thought he should step forward and say whatever it was they had between them, ... Yes.»
«This isn't penny-ante crime. Gang violence is now more serious in this country than organized crime.»
«The United Nations should be given an opportunity to compel adherence to the 16 or so resolutions in the past which Iraq has effectively not complied with ... maybe some language could be added.»

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