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Letter "D" » Dianne Feinstein Quotes
«[Feinstein said she had expected Bush to select someone more conservative than Roberts appeared to be.] I don't see anything definitive, ... And I do see things to believe that . . . this is a fine legal scholar who will truly look at the law.»
«You speak about modesty and humility,»
«I'll make my own decision. I'm weighing a lot of things.»
«I knew as little about what Judge Roberts really thought about issues after the hearings as I did before the hearing. This makes it very hard for me.»
«I think there's no question that Judge Roberts is an extraordinary person. I think there's no question that he's got many stellar qualities.»
«Despite repeated efforts by myself and staff, the White House did not address my request,»
«I began to think, if I vote for him, and he goes the other way, and it was a situation where women would die, I'd never forgive myself.»
«In the Michigan case, obviously, you have I always forget whether it's the law school --- but I think the law school program was upheld and the university program was struck down because of the differences in the program. But efforts to ensure the full participation in all aspects of our society by people, without regard to their race, ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, all those are efforts that I think are appropriate.»
«I am the only woman on this committee. And when I started, I said that was going to be my bar, ... He didn't cross my bar.»
«When I couldn't get a sense of his judicial philosophy, I attempted to get a sense of his temperament and values. And I asked him about the end-of-life decisions: clearly, decisions that are gut-wrenching, difficult and extremely personal. Rather than talking to me as a son, a husband, a father?which I specifically requested he do?he gave a very detached response.»

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