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Letter "D" » Dianne Feinstein Quotes
«I'm trying to see your feelings as a man, ... I'm not asking you for a legal view.»
«I guess what has begun to concern me a little bit is Judge Roberts, the legal automaton, as opposed to Judge Roberts, the man, because I've heard so many times, 'I can't really say because it may come before me, ... I do expect to know a little bit more about how you feel and how you think as a man, because you're a very young man to be chief justice. You could be chief justice for 40 years. That's a very long time.»
«I'm just trying to understand how you think,»
«You've gone through this in a remarkable way, ... I'm convinced you will be (chief justice), God willing, for 40 years. And that even concerns me more because it means that my vote means more.»
«What kind of justice would you be?»
«Many of us are struggling with . . . what kind of a justice would you be, John Roberts,»
«I don't really know what I'm going to do with respect to voting for you or against you.»
«You're young, but obviously with staying power. I'm convinced that you'll be there for 40 years. ... That concerns me even more. It means my vote means more ... what kind of a justice will you be, Judge Roberts?»
«My own view: Every child should be educated.»
«I don't really know what I'm going to do, ... What kind of a justice would you be, John Roberts?»

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