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Letter "D" » Dianne Feinstein Quotes
«The reason the statute won't work is because it hasn't worked,»
«I think it was not an even-handed memo, ... As I look at the intelligence community, it should not 'support' or 'oppose' an administration. It should be professional, factual and give the best possible analysis, regardless of where the chips may fall.»
«not because it's perfect, but because I believe it will bring needed help to my state.»
«The recall is creating uncertainty and instability. It's bad for our economy, it's bad for jobs and it's bad for California,»
«This new justice will be critical in the balance with respect to rulings on congressional authority, as well as a woman's right to privacy, environmental protections, and many other aspects of constitutional law in the United States,»
«My belief is that you should be open in public about your views. I couldn't penetrate to the extent that I could feel comfortable, knowing the things I care deeply about, that I ran for the Senate for, will be protected.»
«[Church-state separation. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., asked Roberts whether he believed in the separation of church and state as set forth in the First Amendment. She quoted President John F. Kennedy as having said in 1960,] I believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute. ... My question is: Do you?»
«I asked for some ability to find a commitment to broad legal principles that form the basis of our fundamental rights,»
«Now is not the time to further tax cuts for millionaires which would cost $32 billion a year or more than $300 billion over 10 years. Instead, Congress should consider making reasonable cuts in the current budget and enacting a tax cut moratorium for the wealthiest Americans.»
«The basis for environmental and social legislation is often [rooted in] the commerce clause and other amendments to the Constitution,»

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