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Letter "J" » John Edwards Quotes
«Dr Bollard will have another look in September, by which time we expect firmer New Zealand growth and more plausible signs of a moderate global upswing will lead him to conclude that a low and stable rate will be more helpful than another cut.»
«You can practically hear the celebrations at the HMOs and drug companies because of this prescription drug bill.»
«At the end of the day you cannot stand with big drug companies, big insurance companies, big HMOs, big oil companies, and the Saudi royal family, and still stand with the American people. You deserve a president who will stand with you.»
«There simply aren't enough large equities that would allow significant liquidity without the fund having a significant shareholding. It will have to look offshore.»
«These 501c-4s have a limited constitutional right to engage in electioneering, to do campaign ads. There are some limits on them, but unfortunately if you lump them in with unions and for profit corporations, you create a very serious constitutional problem.»
«His record, both on the bench and as an official in the Reagan and Bush administrations, showed that he is an ideologue who would put our fundamental rights at risk.»
«With a president who believes that he has the kind of executive power he thinks he has -- which is wrong, by the way -- that marriage to a Supreme Court nominee who believes in broad, expansive power is extremely dangerous to our system of government. The most important thing is for the will of the American people to do something about (poverty). I think it's there. What's missing is leadership.»
«While it appears on the surface that our members' employment and working conditions will not change under any new management structure, we have a long-term concern about job stability and service levels in what amounts to 15 per cent of Bell's customer base.»
«The total package revealed by Bell and BCE sends a strong message ... that the company has a decreasing interest in maintaining first-call, universal and affordable phone service.»
«The only thing I can say is that since I have been with the SEIU, I have attended their meetings, and they've been very honest with me. I've seen a lot of integrity, and that's kept me involved with this.»

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