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Letter "J" » John Edwards Quotes
«What he does is he comes into a ticketed event, stands at the podium, delivers a speech, may shake a few hands on his way out, ... What I've been doing is I've been in people's homes, on Main Street, in cafes -- not only talking but listening. Giving speeches does not teach you what the problems are that people are facing in their lives.»
«I'm a mainstream North Carolinian, ... I think my views and values represent the values of most people in this country.»
«At the end of the day you cannot stand with big drug companies, big insurance companies, big HMOs, big oil companies, and the Saudi royal family, and still stand with the American people, ... You deserve a president who will stand with you.»
«[He described his roots before being cut off for time by the moderator.] You have to let me finish, you asked me the question, ... I grew up the way you grew up, I come from the same place, I spent 20 years in courtrooms fighting for you against big corporate America, against big insurance companies. I will never forget where I come from, and you can take that to the bank.»
«George Bush doesn't get to pick our nominee, and he doesn't get to decide what this election is about, ... This president is so bankrupt of ideas that he can't even wait until the Democrats pick a nominee before he starts drudging up the past and slinging mud.»
«We know better, but we don't act because we don't want to look, ... The Superdome made those people impossible to ignore, but we could look down the streets of every city in America and see enough poor and forgotten families to fill all the sports stadiums in America.»
«I don't believe the people of New York are going to allow the mayoral office to be bought.»
«We're missing some of that leadership in the White House now.»
«This is an opportunity for young people to engage again. You can be their champions.»
«There simply aren't enough large equities that would allow significant liquidity without the fund having a significant shareholding, ... It will have to look offshore.»

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