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Letter "J" » John Edwards Quotes
«It's a powerful political issue because it's the right thing to do. It's something that we should not be shying away from, and something we should be pushing.»
«I think that's going to have an effect on kids. If you test it, and it counts, it's going to be a bigger focus.»
«There's no doubt in my mind drugs and alcohol are a huge problem. But how do we do this kind of thing? Who's going to pay for it?»
«My own view is, the chairman of the DNC is not the spokesman for the Democratic Party,»
«When the only shot many people have is a good job rebuilding New Orleans, the president intervened to suspend prevailing wage laws so his contractor friends can cut wages for a hard day's work,»
«You can practically hear the celebrations at the HMOs and drug companies because of this prescription drug bill,»
«[On CNN's] Larry King Live, ... as in so many things, is dead wrong.»
«It's not about John Kerry's past or the president's past, ... This election is about the future and the new ideas we have that will change America so that it works for all of us.»
«If you want to know about John Kerry's values, ask the men who served with him in Vietnam, ... He put his life on the line for them every day -- seven days a week, 24 hours a day. They trusted him. They believed in him. They trust and believe in him today.»
«Both of us believe in a lot of the same things, and we like each other very much, ... But both of us also recognize at the end of the day, caucus-goers will have to make their own decisions about this.»

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