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Muhammad Abduh ibn Hasan Khayr AllahView Biography

M. C. EscherView Biography

Ma RaineyView Biography

Ma YüanView Biography

Mabel Dodge LuhanView Biography

MacbethView Biography

Mack SennettView Biography

Madalyn Murray O'HairView Biography

Madeleine Korbel AlbrightView Biography

Madeleine L'EngleView Biography

Madeleine May KuninView Biography

Madeline Cheek HunterView Biography

MadhvaView Biography

MadonnaView Biography

Mae C. JemisonView Biography

Mae WestView Biography

Maggie KuhnView Biography

Maggie Lena WalkerView Biography

Mahalia JacksonView Biography

Maharishi Mahesh YogiView Biography

Mahathir Mohamad, Datuk SeriView Biography

Mahdi, TheView Biography

Mahmud DarwishView Biography

Mahmud, IIView Biography

Mahmud of GhazniView Biography

MaimonidesView Biography

Makarios, IIIView Biography

Mäkonnen EndalkacäwView Biography

Malcolm ForbesView Biography

Malcolm FraserView Biography

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