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L. Frank BaumView Biography

L. Ron HubbardView Biography

La Fayette, Comtesse deView Biography

La Salle, Sieur deView Biography

Lachlan MacquarieView Biography

LaDonna HarrisView Biography

Lafayette, Marquis deView Biography

Lafcadio HearnView Biography

Lakshmi BaiView Biography

Lala Lajpat RaiView Biography

LalibelaView Biography

Lambert Adolphe Jacques QuételetView Biography

Lamine GueyeView Biography

Lana TurnerView Biography

Lance ArmstrongView Biography

LanfrancView Biography

Langdon Brown GilkeyView Biography

Langston HughesView Biography

Lao ShêView Biography

Lao TzuView Biography

Laplace, Marquis deView Biography

Larry BirdView Biography

Larry KramerView Biography

Larry RiversView Biography

Lars OnsagerView Biography

László I, King of HungaryView Biography

László Moholy-NagyView Biography

Laura AshleyView Biography

Laura BassiView Biography

Laura GilpinView Biography

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