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Letter "R" » Rachel Bronson Quotes
«It's a very important step in turning over security to the Iraqis.»
«It's not the sanctions, but the regime.»
«We know wealthy Saudis are funding terror. With higher oil prices, they just have more money to do so.»
«Yes, significant numbers of Iraqi children have died, and it's disgraceful and it's horrible ... The question is: Is it the sanctions? No. Iraq is importing the same amount of food they did before the war.»
«In the long term, Iraq should be self-sufficient. But in the short term -- three to five years -- Iraq's going to need a lot of help.»
«What we should have learned from the diplomacy leading up to this is that we shouldn't expect [other nations'] interests to trump. It was in their interest to side with us on Iraq, but somehow they found other interests to pursue. It's in their interest to help rebuild Iraq, but they're not going to do it under all conditions. It's going to take some fancy footwork in diplomacy.»
«To get to 6 million barrels a day will require $30 billion to $40 billion in investment, and it assumes a bull market for oil. If you just start doubling production, but demand stays the same, that's wasteful.»
«I think she will be seen as a twisted, horrible woman who is going to hell. Suicide is against Islam and she targeted Muslims, another taboo.»
«The question many have in the region is how not to squander the wealth like they did in the 1970s.»
«Unlike in the United States, where it feels like high prices are going to last forever, in the Middle East, the feeling is that it will not last. So how do you avoid the problems of the 1980s that followed the boom of the 1970s?»

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