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Letter "D" » Don McKay Quotes
«Once again, we're ahead of New York State. In the Town of Huntington it is strictly prohibited to use any type of trapping and it's been that way for quite some time. It is against our code. We will defend our code that it's against the law to discharge a firearm simply because it is strictly a matter of public safety.»
Author: Don McKay
«The Town of Huntington's belief is that with all these projects on the drawing board there needs to be a study of all the cumulative impacts and how they can best be addressed. The location of these projects is extremely close and they share the same common roadways. There has to be a cumulative impact. We are not trying to hold up the project. We are trying to foster good planning. Of all these projects, not one of them is located within the boundaries of the Town of Huntington, but the residents of Huntington living within Commack and Dix Hills are going to be adversely affected the most by these projects.»
Author: Don McKay
«It's just unfortunate that Smithtown has chosen to move ahead with this. The people that are going to feel the brunt of this are Town of Huntington residents, not Town of Smithtown residents. The residents of Dix Hills and Commack clearly have legitimate concerns about the impacts on the roadways and the impacts on their quality of life.»
Author: Don McKay
«The amount of work that they do and the job they have done for the town speaks for itself. The supervisor and the town board members are pretty much [working] 24-7. They have to be available at all times ? during the day when they're dealing with constituent concerns [and] meetings, and almost every single weekend night they're out at functions representing the Town of Huntington.»
Author: Don McKay
«There was never a written or verbal agreement for purchase but there was a consideration to do so as one option?to help sustain the Enrichment Center?and now the town's attorney is aggressively working to hammer out an agreement between the town and The Enrichment Center to move them [to the Big H].»
Author: Don McKay
«As part of the revitalization program, years ago the owner [of the building] agreed to give the town space that would be used on a rotating basis to house community groups.»
Author: Don McKay

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