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Letter "B" » Barbara Olshansky Quotes
«We still don't know really who they are or what they've done. And that, I think, is a tremendous stain on this nation's credibility.»
«I don't understand our willing disregard for the sanctity of human dignity that's reflected in human rights.»
«You have someone who the United States has decided is no longer an enemy combatant and is not dangerous, and we sent him back to a country that regularly puts people in secret detention and tortures them,»
«Someone who's inadmissible is in the same category as the people that the CIA snatches and grabs from other countries,»
«You are fair game for however executive branch wants to treat you.»
«The rule of law has yet to be reinstated in the U.S. battle on terror. The problem started when the (Bush) administration rejected the Geneva Conventions, which are intended to apply to every armed conflict in the world.»
«The fact that they've seen fit to designate people for trial by military commission when the very constitutionality of the tribunal is up before the Supreme Court just evinces the most blatant disdain for the judicial branch and the separation of powers principle,»
«I do think we'll look back on it [as] a period of horrible shame and regret for how we treated people, how we disobeyed our own law and international law.»
«We are saddened by the displays of inhumanity in these images. Yet the only time the US government acts is when they are forced to by revelations such as this. Had they released these images properly and held high-level officials accountable at the time, we would not be facing the repercussions we will surely see in the reactions around the world.»

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