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Letter "A" » Allen Iverson Quotes
«We didn't get any stops. We are trying to get better defensively but we got beat by 30 points, so obviously we are not getting better defensively. ... Obviously if you get beat by 30 points then the coach can question your effort.»
«The most I got out of it was that guys need to take a challenge to make this team better. He talked about during this bad time that we're going through right now that it was important for everybody to stick together.»
«I've been seeing a different side basically all year long. His demeanor is totally different from being an assistant coach and the Maurice Cheeks that I got to know throughout the years of him being here. I expect it because he has a different role now.»
«I just got more aggressive. I didn't have the ball in my hands that much in the first half because I was playing the 2-guard. When they took John out of the game in the second half, I handled the ball more and I was able to make things happen for myself and my teammates.»
«He wasn't calm. He was angry, and he had every right to be. What I got out of it is that the guys need to take a challenge to make this team better. He talked about this bad time were going through and how we need to stick together. It's very important for us to stay together as a unit.»
«You've heard me say it a million times just from me being in here so long. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you don't have any heart, you're going to struggle as a player, and if the team doesn't have the heart, then the team is going to struggle.»
«This would have been a bad one to lose, man, because we did put our effort on defense. We did play one of the best defensive games that we played.»
«We just needed win - period. We're just struggling so badly right now. Then to lose this would have been bad because we played really well defensively.»
«If it didn't work out right, I'd probably be in here losing a lot of my money. That was bad. At that juncture of the game and on a significant play like that, you have to be able to see that play.»
«We just needed it, period. Just for our sake, not as far as what everyone else is talking about. Just as competitors we just needed a game. We're struggling so badly right now. Then to lose this one would have been really bad, because we played really well defensively.»

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