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Letter "A" » Allen Iverson Quotes
«You don't want somebody shooting that had been making a lot of shots.»
«I was struggling. I couldn't really go to the basket as quick as I wanted to. When I did it was real painful.»
«It felt terrible but I was glad I played all the way through so I didn't have to sit down and have it stiffen up. It stiffened up real bad at halftime but I managed to get through it.»
«There's a lot of things we're doing wrong, or we wouldn't be under .500. They're a well-coached team and it showed. They execute their plays, get the best shot possible down the court.»
«There are a lot of things we're doing wrong or we wouldn't be under .500. It's not like we're doing one or two things wrong.»
«I don't really care if I play well or play bad, it's frustrating to lose the game. It doesn't do any good if we play well and lose basketball games. You still got a loss. It's like you didn't even go out there and do anything.»
«We don't have an identity as far as how we play on the defensive end. We might play well one night and on another night we won't play well. We always score the ball and average 100 points, so obviously our problem is in other areas. Until we take care of those problems, we're going to continue to struggle.»
«We weren't ready to handle the back screens and all the cuts. They execute their plays to the fullest and get the best shot possible.»
«They do a lot of cutting, back screens and stuff like that. We weren't ready to handle the back screens and all the cuts. ... They are a well-coached team, and it shows.»
«Looking back on everything that happened with me and coach, 99 percent of the time it was my fault. I see that now, definitely. ... Now that he's gone, you understand you lost a lot.»

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