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Letter "D" » Dick Cheney Quotes
«Our concerns are broader than that, in a sense that we really need to sit down and look at our total energy situation nationwide -- maybe even look at it in a hemispheric basis, ... Look at Canada and Mexico. Look not only at electricity, but also natural gas and oil, coal and other forms of generating power as well.»
«I did not say if Kerry is elected, we will be hit by a terrorist attack. Whoever is elected president has to anticipate more attacks, ... My point was the question before us is: will we have the most effective policy in place to deal with that threat? George Bush will pursue a more effective policy than John Kerry. Look at what we have done and what Kerry has said and the way he voted for 20 years in the Senate.»
«These days of transition are of great importance, ... The transition has a direct bearing on the quality of people who are going to serve, it affects the quality of planning, and the building of relationships between the president and the Congress. It affects the capacity of the new administration to develop and execute a legislative program.»
«I really do believe we will be greeted as liberators,»
«We look forward to meeting with members of the Congress, of both parties, to be able to start the process that the governor outlined in our meetings with the Republican leadership this weekend, in terms of a legislative program and a robust effort to get on with the business of dealing with the nation's problems,»
«Al Gore is a big spender.»
«He is already antsy,»
«I'm not a big pizza-eater anyway, but lots of fruits and vegetables,»
«This is a legislative process,»
«a monument to the many great achievements in flight.»

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