who killed rappacinni's daughter

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Rappaccini’s Daughter The death of Beatrice was a result of many factors. Many of the characters have a possibility of being the direct cause of her decease. However, there are those more responsible for her death than others. Professor Pietro Baglioni was to blame for her physical death. On the other hand, Beatrice’s father, Dr. Rappaccini, was solely responsible for sealing her doom. Professor Pietro Baglioni played a significant role in ending Beatrice’…

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…daughter from birth with the plant until her whole nature had become the deadliest poison in existence. “ Poison was her element in life” (654). Rappaccini, more than anyone, caused his daughter to die. By the way he raised her from birth and the way he kept her locked up in his house, he sealed her doom. Rappaccini “offer[ed] up his child in this horrible manner as the victim of his insane zeal for science” (Hawthorne 655).