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Random House 255 West 45th Street New York, NY 10022 To Random House Editorial Review Board: What is a hero? Everyone's vision is somewhat different. To me, a hero is someone whom I can look up to as a role model for something he or she has accomplished. These might include tasks that were performed with bravery and unselfishness. This is why I propose to you to enter into Tom Brokaw’s new book titled, The Millenium …

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…help others live during the terrible time of war. Many people would agree with me that (name), my grandfather, was a hero. I believe that he demonstrated the true significance of the word 'hero', someone whom you can look up to as a role model for what he or she had accomplished. This why I am convinced he deserves recognition in a book which describes heroes, because he truly is one. Yours Truly, (your name)