two lives paralleled by god

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Two Lives Paralleled by God In the book Tracks, written by Louise Erdrich we meet various characters, including Pauline. As we hear stories about her life and circumstances that she encountered and overcame, we gain insight into the life of a woman who fought to gain acceptance in a world where no one would accept her. As Erdrich wrote the book she based the life of Pauline on a Native American historical figure, Tekawitha Kateri. …

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…Tekawitha 4). As we can see from looking at the events of both of these women’s lives, the writer Erdrich based her fictional character on the life of a real life historical woman Tekawitha who had become a Saint. May we be like these women and never forget where we come from no matter how we choose to live our lives, and have faith such as theirs to overcome any situation that we may encounter.