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"Touch Wood" by Renée Roth-Hano ³Touch Wood² is based on the author¹s own life when she was growing as a Jewish girl during the German invasion of France. In 1940, Renée and her family were living in Alsace, France, where nothing ever changed. No one expected anything unusual to happen. Then one day, a war with Germany is announced on the radio. The Germans wanted to annex Alsace and forced the Jews to …

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…what the circumstances are. They arrive in time to see that the Germans are surrendering. Renée and her sisters manage to get a ride back to their home in Paris from a Red Cross car. They arrive home, much to their parent¹s surprise. Renée becomes very concerned if she is Catholic anymore. Her parents are very glad to see her and her sisters. Renée is changed forever by her wartime experiences.