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Leandro Tane dos Santos EN 210 – Freshman Literature Bowers October 11, 2000 The Plague Father Paneloux gives two sermons throughout the novel The Plague. Many people lose their faith due to their struggles with the terrible plague. Paneloux speaks about the plague and why it is happening. Father Paneloux’s faith is tested just like the citizens of Oran throughout the novel. In Paneloux’s first sermon He feels that the plague was sent from God because the …

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…the plague was sent from God everyone should stay because it is God’s will and should be the people’s will. Paneloux’s never lost faith. His faith only grew stronger and stronger as the plague progressed. He not only fought for God but he fought for the people of Oran. He believed in God and that God would get them through the plague if the people believed and accepted the plague. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**