the malicious captain

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The Malicious Captain The personification of evil is seen in Captain Ahab. Through the adventure of Captain Ahab in his search of Moby Dick it describes the battle between the evil powers of the devil against the good powers of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. The devil is seen in Ahab and Jesus is seen in Moby Dick. The whole battle revolves around the voyage and crew of the Pequod. The tale begins with …

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…the whalers persist after Moby. This can be related to Jesus' persecution by the Romans. Moby Dick is a stirring tragedy of vengeance and obsession, a searing parable about the powers of good and evil. In this tale, Moby prevails against Ahab. Like in the bible, good defeats evil and in this case Ahab's own evil insanity is his ultimate defeat. Never was there such a lost and wicked soul like that of the Devil's.