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The Sinking of the Lusitania In the early part of the twentieth century there was one and only main way to travel through the Atlantic Ocean. The Lusitania was built to challenge some german vessels that had the ³blue riband². At this time the passengers of these vessels were not only looking for fast means of travels but stylish means of trvaeling. They were looking for luxury, from the food to the sleeping accomodations. The …

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…of 1,198 lives. The ship sank bow first, with its stern almost perpendicular out of the water, just as the Titanic had done some 3 years earlier.² There has been many different reports on why the Lusitania sank. Many have said that it was carrying weapons which caused the big explosion from the torpedo. That has been suggested because people think that the power of just 1 torpedo could have caused the ship to sink in twenty minutes.