the industrial revolutions effects on europe

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The Industrial Revolution’s Effects on Europe A great historian, J.H. Clapham, wrote:’ Even if the history of “ the industrial revolution” is a thrice-squeezing orange, there remains an astonishing amount of juice in it(Lane 5).’ The Industrial Revolution had an overall positive effect on Europe. The Industrial Revolution was a series of dramatic changes in the way work was done(World History 473). Before the Industrial Revolution, most of all the work was done by …

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…Revolution changed the way things were made. It changed the products that were made and it changed who made those products and where they were made. In short, the Industrial Revolution changed every aspect of life as it had existed. It also paved the way for generations to come to continue to invent new ways of doing things and new things to do. We continue to see these effects today in the world around us.