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The Glass Managerie In “The Glass Managerie”,by Tennesee Williams, symbols are used to describe the characters in the play. Laura, a very frail and insecure character from the play, lives in a world of illusions. Crippled with one leg shorter than the other from a childhood illness, she lives her life through her collection of glass animals. They provide Laura’s refuge from reality. One particular glass animal the “fragile and rare” unicorn symbolizes …

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…figurative level. He uses a lot of symbols, such as the fire escape, blue rose and the gentleman caller to name a few, but none has more of an impact of the meaning of symbolism as does the glass managerie. The glass animals as a whole represents Laura’s fantasy world, whereas the unicorn itself symbolize Laura’s emotional anguish. Only when the unicorn loses its horn does Laura too become more like ordinary people.