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TOPIC : A - The Crucible was written in the early 1950s as an exploration of events which took place in Massachusetts in 1692. What does the play have to offer an audience in Perth, Western Australia in 1996? The Crucible is a play which brings to our attention many timeless issues. The nature of good and evil, power and its corruption, honour and integrity and our tendency to create scapegoats for all manner of problems are all …

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…can still relate to the issue of corrupting power, or the struggle to uphold the conscience, the issue of society’s ‘rules’ and our condemnation of those whoof those who go beyond those ‘rules’, along with our inherent desire to ‘blame someone else’, because of this connection. As with many good plays, The Crucible has many timeless facets which Miller has incorporated, and these can give us valuable insight into many of our own situations.