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Diem and Nhu became a major liability for the Kennedy Administration when their national popularity plummeted as a result of numerous humanitarian violations. Diem ran his country as a brutal dictatorship alongside his powerful brother Nhu, who was even more ruthless than him. America was put into a very serious diplomatic situation by the Southern Vietnamese leaders and their gruesome regime. By the time Kennedy took office in 1961, the situation in South Vietnam had seriously …

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…and butchery. If the U.S. government supported a militaristic overthrow of the exsisting dictatorship than other countries could interpret this as a plot to create anarchy in order to instate a puppet government that would best suit America’s crusade to contain communism. Kennedy himself said in reference to Diem’s cabinet that “policies needed to be changed, as well as perhaps personell.” Little did he know how much truth these words would hold.