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"The Chrysanthemums" John Steinbeck's "The Chrysanthemums" shows the true feelings of the main character, Elisa Allen, through the use of setting and her interactions with other characters in the story. By way of vivid descriptions, Elisa's feelings of dissatisfaction over the lack of excitement in her life and her role as a mere housewife and then the subsequent change to feelings of a self-assured woman, are clearly seen. These inner feelings are most apparent with …

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…Elisa Allen. The main detail being that she is a strong woman on the inside although she seems to struggle in showing it throughout the story. Because of the "Pot Fixer," she is able to act, albeit for a short time, like that strong woman. One must ask themselves after reading this short story, if Elisa will continue this discontented lifestyle or will she finally blossom once and for all like one of her chrysanthemums?