the Architecture of Paris

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The 1998/1999 academic year was spent by myself and four companions in Paris. This period of my life still evokes nostalgic memories and as a result the city will forever remain as one of my favourite destinations. When faced with the task of composing an essay about a factor of Paris that affected me, I was first tempted to describe one of the negative aspects of the city (it has more than its fare share) such …

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…Coeur would undoubtedly not exist either. Situated at the top of the hill known as Montmatre, the Sacre Coeur in its Neo-Byzantine Style is somewhat inconsistent with the rest of the Parisian architecture, however it is in keeping with its Montmartre location , historically the residence of many of the cities most illustrious artists. Both the Sacre Coeur and Monmatrtre itself exude a romantic feelingwwhich is peerhaps only hampered today by the constant infllux of tourists.