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THE LOVELY LESSON James Eveillard Assignment 2: Short Story Analysis ENC-1102, Sect. 2026 Instructor: Chris Reiss BCC South Campus 18 February 1999 THE LOVELY LESSON A social activist, writer, teacher, and graduate from Queens College, Toni Cade, who later changed legally to Toni Cade Bambara, is one of the representatives of the Afro- American writers and black socially political black activist in American history. She has made many contributions to the inner city especially in her own upbringing in …

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…sex is the best sex. To all the parents with childern please let them know that sex is not a game. That sex is something that two people who love each do to show the affection towards each other. Parents need to start talking about sex to there children and stop thinking about the subject as a forbidden topic to never be mention. To parents the more you wait the greater risk your child takes.