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The Motive of Two Murders Victor Guadalupe Caban M,W,F 8:30 am 02/3/2000 In the play "Trifles" the main character Mrs. Wright was accused of killing her husband while he was sleeping. As the play goes along we learned that she was motivated by certain situations that happened when she lived with her husband. In the story "Killings" the main character is Matt Fowler who lost his son because a man shot his son to death. …

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…shuddered with a sob that he kept silent in his heart." Each character had reasons in which they were motivated to commit these acts of violence. Each one has to take responsibility for their actions, although Ms. Wright might not have been in sane mind. Also Matt Fowler has to live with his deed for the rest of life and can not tell his family. So they will live thinking that there brothers killer escaped.