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WHREN ET AL v. UNITED STATES Plainclothes policemen were patrolling a "high drug area" in an unmarked vehicle, and observed a truck driven by Mr. Brown waiting at a stop sign at an intersection for an unusually long time; the truck then turned suddenly, without signaling, and sped off at an "unreasonable" speed. The officers stopped the vehicle, assertedly to warn the driver about traffic violations, and upon approaching the truck, they observed plastic bags …

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…Whren had wanted them to do. Therefore, the Court thought there is no realistic alternative to the traditional common-law rule that probable cause justifies a search and seizure. Thus, the Court found that the officers had probable cause to believe that Mr. Brown and Mr. Whren had violated the traffic code; the stop was reasonable under the Fourth Amendment, with the evidence thereby discovered admissible, and they uphold the previous ruling in the lower court.