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I read Sunset Limited, by James Lee Burke. This novel takes place in the 1990s in New Iberia, Louisiana. The theme of this novel is, “With money comes the will to kill, but also the power to manipulate those around you and get away with murder.” Dave Robicheaux and his partner Helen Soileau are homicide detectives under the New Iberia Parish in Louisiana when a “Newsweek” reporter, Megan Flyn, tips them about a small time …

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…his mouth and pull the trigger. Inside the small box was a hammer used to crucify jack, handcuffs, and a towel on which they held Jack’s face. Scruggs said they would find the blood of jack and the fingerprints of Terrebonne on the items. However the police lab specialists were unable to lift the prints off of the forty-year-old artifacts. And so, Archer walked away a free, rich man. While Robicheaux tried to forget.