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Studies Results of 2 separate studies reveal that hyperactivity, and other behavioral conditions respond well to chiropractic care and even exceed results seen from medication. 6. & 7. There exists a positive relationship between cranial motion restrictions and learning disabled children, as well as children with a history of an obstetrically complicated delivery. 8. Children with ADHD and coordination problems were more than twice as likely to have a mother who smoked during gestation, compared with children who did not …

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…on the cereal. In the case of food dyes, you must be careful of red and yellow colorings. These seem to be major irritants. Forty years ago, the chiropractor did not have to pay much attention to dietary effects on the subluxation. dyes, preservatives, and other chemicals were not found in food products. Now, with studies indicating that the spine can subluxate in reaction to these addatives, we must heed these factors and isolate them.