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Stanislavski By: Jason Konstantin Stanislavski was born on January 17th 1863, in Moscow, Russia. His full name is Konstantin Alekseyev Stanislavski. The son of a wealthy manufacturer, he was granted much financial backing for his amateur theatre endeavors. Stanislavski is famous for his introduction of a new method of preparing for plays. His method resulted in remarkable ensemble acting from those who studied his system. His career work would allow him to be seen as the …

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…of actor training. Most of his productions were experimental and what he learned in these he applied to his teachings. "Stanislavski discovered that actors who recalled their own feelings and experiences and substituted them for those of their characters were able to create a special link with the audience." This allowed actors not to have to rely strictly on inspiration. The superficial reality of the script became unimportant to the emotional reality of the actor.