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Traditional Dances of spain Sevillanas Sevillanas is believed to be an old Castilian folk dance. It is a very popular dance for couples of all ages. You will see it danced frequently by Women wearing a long dress with frills, normally it has short-sleeves and it is two-coloured like a green dress with white frills. The Men wear black trousers and a white shirt with frills on the chest. During the summers, in all Andalusia …

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…hm and steps, the second picks up the step and elaborates. As song, the fandango consists of coplas, improvised satirical, religious, or romantic verses, sung to melodies improvised according to set rules. Fandangos can be sung to accompany the dance or as solos. As a dance and as a genre of song, the fandango exists both within and outside of the flamenco, or Andalusian Gypsy, tradition. The dance is closely related to the jota.