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Purpose: To explain current U.S. involvement in Somalia, particularly in the area of how the International Strategy Equation relates to Somalia along with elements of Security Assistance. How the New World Order applies to Somalia. In closure discuss two of the FY 91 Security Assistance program Objectives. I. Introduction II. International Strategy and Somalia a. Why U.S. is involve with Somalia b. What types of support has the U.S. provided III. The New …

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…a part in their own fate, they will succeed. Somalia in my opinion is a perfect example of the U.S. International Strategy Equation and what the U.S. means when it talks about the New World Order. We are a caring nation and as always we remain the Policemen of the world. Work Cited Africa News Service, Reed Kramer & Tamela Hultman U.S. International Strategy , U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy subcourse BD40-C,