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Jordan Chasnoff November 21, 2000 CORE 101 Socrates’ Method of Argument and Theories of Knowledge The methods of argument used by Socrates in the works of Plato focused on true knowledge. This method, known as the Socratic method is unconventional in that it is not a means of argument through persuasion or opinion, it is, rather, a means of argument through question and challenge. The method is a consideration of knowledge as being inherent to the human soul …

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…is not a means of argument though persuasion, but rather a means of argument through questioning and refute. This method works very well with the vague and indirect shape and structure of the dialogues we have read. The method also works very well with Socrates’ theories of knowledge. As his theories are also very vague, and are concerned more with disproving the theories of others rather than presenting Socrates’ concrete theory or definition of knowledge.